Please support Fullscreen & fix the menu bar header

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Please support Fullscreen & fix the menu bar header

Postby Jopp » Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:53 pm

Paintstorm is awesome fresh and powerful, feature rich and very light-weight in MB and price, compared to its monthly blood-sucking competition who cannot make more than make-ups of old stuff. There are already people on this forums to encourage such politics just because of …more complicated stuff that would take longer to describe here, but which isn't the scope of my post.

I wanted to point out one missing feature and one design error:
A) fullscreen mode. I LOVE fullscreen mode, be it for office or painting applications. On Mac Osx fullscreen is supported by default in every application As we can see in the attachment below, 3 lines of screen space are wasted because of 3 menu header. Apart from this, I think nobody sees the necessity of 3 bars when we need just one head bar. If you own a big screen you need not consider such tiny issues, but on laptops or smaller monitors, you get bothered by the waste of space.
B) English and German strings are mixed together in the menu bar. Please see attached image -->


There should not be an head menu bar with options inside the application itself (with German text on the image above), but outside in the main menu bar (with English text in the image above)
I think these requests are not extremely difficult to solve, as I code applications myself too. Thanks for your time.

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