Just some things I thought I'd share

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Just some things I thought I'd share

Postby sushirom » Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:39 am

I'll edit these as I go along. I know the rule of thumb is to read through the forum so you don't repost things people are already talking about, but I was doing this list while I was working in paintstorm over time. And I haven't used paintstorm in a while, I was away, so I'm sure somethings have been patched or added. And I'll try and detail vague things as I remember what was happening when I wrote them. I seem to have just gone and noted things as it happened, but didn't really flesh them out.

>>UI/Menu/General Related<<

    *-Actually merge tabs. as in the UI panels. maybe i'm mistaken but an earlier iteration made all the ui panels look like it had a folder tab design, implying you could stack them, but you couldn't but it looks like a solid bar now. actually, yeah i have an old screen shot confirming this tab look. (I have forgotten I made a forum post about this a long time ago.)
    -adjust default canvas color (checkers?50%gray?)
    *-Text input tool?
    -quick invert color command. handy for black and white masks. (as an image adjustment)
    - set middle mouse button on hotkeys. I seem unable to on the latest version.
    -there should be a reset hotkeys button somewhere in the hotkey menu.
    -there should be some notification if a hotkey is already in use on another command
    -something needs to be done about canvas sizes.
      >Tab doesn't swap between input boxes
      >clicking back and forth between resolution, height and width makes height and resolution numbers disappear ? (but not width? making it
      unclear if the "clearing" should be on purpose or if they're all meant to show the number that was there.)
      > maybe enter should move to the next box before accepting changes if its on width first (Enter was previously simply accepting the change
      after I typed. It seems to properly unselect the input box now without accepting.)
    -Tabbing In the Menus from input box to input box at least on canvas and image size menus.
>>Tool Related<<

    -shift hold for polygon select tool to do straight lines at certain angles. at least vertical, horizontal and 45 diag
    -Double/triple click to finish polygon lasso (As in, if I make three points of a square then double click at the fourth point, it'll automatically fill in the line between the first and fourth point. It's handy for some quick cuts, or just not being bothered to click exactly on the first point to close the loop.)
    -"behind" blend mode for brushes. paints, as it implies, behind whatever's applied on the layer. I guess you could say it lays the strokes down in reverse. it comes in handy if you missed something or you want to get in close to something without messing up the edge of something you placed before. it'd be similar to painting on a new layer below and merging them, but instead you can just fill in the hole behind it.
    -invert selection (marquee)
    -ant line on selection or lasso. that solid gray line that just uses contrast/inversion? gets lost on certain colors and textures. particularly if you're working on 50% gray
    -ant line disappears when moving. again loose track on busy image or same color
    -transparency on transform tool. Example. I'll lower the opacity on a layer and then put it into transform mode to align it with something underneath. When I move it with the transform tool it temporarily undoes the opacity change of the layer.
    -snaps/real ruler (i think i was 1) looking for numbered edge rulers 2) wanting overlapping static guides and 3) having an issue snapping angles which i think is now fixed.)
>>Layer Related<<

    -Mousewheel through layer blend modes when hovering over the drop down box on the layer panel.
    -I can't seem to merge two layers if one has a layer mask using the merge layer with bottom layer. but if i group them and merge on the group it does, and the merge lower layers into a new layer will do it. I don't know if it's meant to be like this but im noting it.
    -paste into layer mask. as in, If I draw on the canvas, marquee and copy, then click on the layer mask and paste. (it just makes a new layer)
    >maybe a way to actually view the layer mask, maybe i missed how. (example, in photoshop when you alt click on the thumbnail of a layer mask, it shows the mask's image full screen on the canvas)
    -paste into same layer/current layer
    -slide highlight view layers. If when I clicked on the hide layer symbol and just moved my mouse down without releasing, I could hide multiple layers in a row. Or even if I could select multiple layers and toggled hide/view for all of them at once.

>>Already Added<<

    x-Numerical Input (thisis a thing now)
    x-group selected layers (looks like this got added. will group selected with ctrl+g but if I click the group folder button it doesnt? maybe on purpose)
    x-shift to hold aspect ratio on marquee selection for circle. alt to do from center. (I now see that it's ctrl to maintain a circle marquee's aspect ratio)
    x-Flip both ref and canvas same time would be nice
    x-select and move multiple layers at once
    x-retain transparency on merging on layers (forget the circumstance of this one, but merging certain layers was resulting in a flattening and loss of transparency. maybe i meant opacity specifically, not sure but it looks like both are these are working as expected now)


    =blurring during save?
    =color settings on brush randomly re adjust? in the color tab of a brush. I have had circumstance where on a stroke of something else, either H, S, or B has as far as I can tell randomly selected itself a new value. Not sure if I was hitting a hotkey or something, or a side effect of another brush option.
    =esc key doesnt close new file window
    =antline lags on V hotkey move?id
    =bucket filled layer mask, its not showing anything? painted black on layer mask hiding image, tried to go back and draw white to show image, still invisible. Erasing shows image again. I guess layer mask is transparent<>solid vs white<>black?
    =blackness on water color brush when empty canvas (lost brushes in a crash, will have to remake them to test again i think)
    =something wrong with layer mask. not filling whole box. ( i think i meant the thumbnail a solid entirely filled layer mask was showing half transparent in the thumbnail. i don't remember if this was affecting something I was doing at the time. further play showed that the dimensions of the layer mask are the entire canvas scrunched up into the upper 50% of the thumbnail)
    =workspace change caused all the text colors to go dark? undoable without some kind of restart, all i did was move a panel.
    x=weird save errors?(on save it would give an error message. i forget the specific message but it hasn't done it in a while. It seems it would manage to save the file, but it'd keep popping up every time I hit ok until the program just crashed itself)
    x=I have an exit error but I'm pretty sure it's my fault. if i have too many tabs open on chrome, or something else running. i get what i believe is a stack buffer overflow error on exit, without fail. I have lost some brushes this way. lol
    =occasionally I'll strike a combination where all the UI becomes un-clickable except the canvas. have to close and restart.
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Re: Just some things I thought I'd share

Postby support » Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:38 am

Looks like a suggests to the 2 years ago version, most of it already realized, but anyway, I 've saved something from this list.
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Re: Just some things I thought I'd share

Postby sushirom » Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:33 pm

I tested the list on the newest version as I went through it the day I posted. I'm gonna flip through it again while going through the TODO thread. Mildly interested what you actually saved from it. I only use the PC version, not the mobile one. So some of the stuff I know are just personal preferences on things I think make working in it a bit more efficient or faster.

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