painstorm does not start

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painstorm does not start

Postby pseelo » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:38 pm

my setup is:
- MSI Apache Pro GE62 2QF (NVidia 970M)
- Cintiq 13HDT

i've installed it right away and i've got a problem. the program runs just fine (as far as i tested it by now) when it's on the main display (that is the screen of my laptop). whenever i try to start it on the Cintiq's monitor, it just freezes showing black or white window.

i've tried so far:
- reinstalling it (about 5-6 times);
- updating my gpu drivers and i am up to date now;
- updating my tablet drivers (i've got ) and i am up do date;
- restarting the computer several times;
- starting the program with both NVidia or Integrated graphics;
- bringing the GPU settings back to the factory ones;
- starting it on both displays (the laptop's or the Cintiq's). after trying on the Cintiq's display it does not start either on Cintiq's or laptop's;
- waiting (up to 15-20 minutes after starting the program);
- writing to your support here: (please ignore that as i provided there less info than here)

can you help me please?
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Re: painstorm does not start

Postby pseelo » Sun Sep 17, 2017 4:37 pm

hey, for anyone who's interested.
thanks to the help from the support i've come to some sort of solution.

it turned out that the Paitstorm just did not like the Cintiq as the secondary display. setting it as the primary display helped and the Paintstorm runs works like a charm. it's not the best possible solution probably, but it works, have to live with it :)

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