Paintstorm Studio for concept art (Axe)

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Florian G.
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Paintstorm Studio for concept art (Axe)

Postby Florian G. » Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:41 am

Since a while now I entirely switched from Photoshop to Paintstorm Studio for my concept sketches, paintings and renderings. Because I completely fell in love with the software – especially how great the brushes work and feel. Below is a small project I recently finished. I didn't use any photo texture or other external material for the coloring or detailing. Everything is painted with the dynamic and vivid looking brushes that Paintstorm Studio is able to create. (I mainly used one customized brush.)

(If you are interested in the original post or other things I made (and do) with Paintstorm Studio:)

Kind regards.
Rusty axe.jpg
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