Registration process
(Paintstorm Studio version 1.41 or higher)

To register your Paintstorm copy, just run Paintstorm Studio on your PC, enter your e-mail and click "Register" in registration dialog.
Registration process requires internet connection. After the registration complete, you can use Paintstorm studio offline.

You can download the latest version of Paintstorm Studio at

If you upgrade or change your PC, you can transfer license from one PC to another one (*no more than once a week), you can do it easily using your email and password in your personal account. Your personal account is available here:
If you don't have password you can get it right now: Get password


Q: I have AZERTY, ZWERTY keyboard: The @ or _ symbols is not typing or typing wrong:
A: Press SHIFT+2 key for @ and SHIFT+")" for underline "_" SEE IMAGE

Q: I have purchased Paintstorm studio, but I can't login/register my copy
A: Don’t hesitate to contact us by and we will assist you as soon as possible.